Students in TAACCCT Grant Consortiums want interesting jobs!

The CareerChoiceGPS™ delivers measurable results for your programs. Your students have unique talent strengths—they just need a tool that reveals them and shows you a list of career choices prioritized to those strengths. DOL wants this data to demonstrate how your programs are delivering what you promised when they approved your funds. Your local employers need a quality workforce and, after all, that's what the TAACCCT monies you are spending were for, right? :

  • Matching students to their best potential careers, improved retention
  • Demonstrating you are focused on promised outcomes, job placement
  • Showing hard data on key outcomes expected by the DOL and your TAACCCT Grant

TAACCCT Grantees can show your Veterans students that you respect their civilian futures?

As they pivot from their military experience into civilian life, it’s necessary to give them hard data to guide their career decisions and show Uncle Sam you respect the value of his money being spent on our military veterans' civilian futures. And the CareerChoiceGPS™ profile can do that! CareerChoiceGPS™ personal profiles:

  • Create a library of statistical data matching all your students' best career options
  • Demonstrate to DOL and DOD that their money is being spent on preparing all students for their best career paths
  • Match your students' potential with local employers' talent needs,scientifically, compared to high performers in more than 60 job families
  • Do your own validation study for less than your purchase requisition authority level!