What are my top career choices? What is my natural job fit?

The CareerChoiceGPS™ personal profile has the answers. You have unique talent strengths—you just need a tool that reveals them and shows you a list of career choices prioritized to those strengths. Find out how you can get your CareerChoiceGPS™ profile and use the power of normative statistical probability to find your right career fit today by:

  • Matching specific job opportunities to your strengths
  • Identifying and making the most of your natural talents
  • Predicting scientifically (compared to almost 20 million data sets) which career choices you would enjoy the most

How can I find a civilian career that really uses my strengths?

As you pivot from your military experience into civilian life, it’s helpful to focus on opportunities that allow you to think, behave, and succeed in ways most natural for you. And the CareerChoiceGPS™ profile can do that! CareerChoiceGPS™ personal profiles:

  • Highlight your unique talent strengths
  • Some customized fit models have demonstrated up to 99% predictive accuracy (based on  20 million assessments) for your top choices for your best career matches to those strengths
  • Match your profile with proven high performers in more than 60 job families
  • This profile is free to Veterans working with WarriorsWorking, Serving American Industry.