about The CareerChoiceGPS™ is a product of Smart Work | Network and is powered by the pioneering Science of Selection from the Self Management Group of Toronto. For the past 35 years, we have been the largest predictive assessment company in the world.

We believe there is a perfect job for everyone. Our job is helping people find their fit while helping employers find their people. All of our businesses are designed to help people find their professional passion whether it is WarriorsWorking matching Veterans with Civilian Employers or CollegeSelect helping students find their best curriculum.

Our foundation of success is built on our values which are simple but rarely found together in many companies:

  • Character: We do what we say we will do.
  • Competence: We expect continuous improvement from ourselves and our network of providers.
  • Collaboration: We value the relationship with our clients and our network, and we work hard to find the solution where everybody gets what they are truly looking for. Only WIN WIN is satisfactory.

At Smart Work | Network, we believe there is a right opportunity for every individual and every company deserves to find inherently self-managed employees who fit their self-managed company cultures.
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Our goal, ultimately, is to enable both employers and employees to make the right career choices.

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