What careers are best for me? What jobs can I do?
Use CareerChoiceGPSTM to find your best career fit!


Whether you are a student making your first career choices or a professional experiencing a career transition, CareerChoiceGPS™ is a psychometric instrument to show you, definitively, those careers you will be self-motivated to be successful. Even ones you may never have thought you should consider.

The "hidden hand" guiding your thoughts and actions can now be deciphered into a statistical "map" that matches your natural talent (and "self-talk") to those jobs where you would be a "natural"!

With 160 items to evaluate, you have never seen a career tool as comprehensive as this and as robust, with statistical science prioritizing your best probabilities within more than 60 job families.  

Do you know any other career profile that can statistically compare your profile to 20 million other peoples' to calculate your mathematical probabilities of a GREAT career for you? (Trust us, the answer is NO!)

In addition to your customized CareerChoiceGPS™ profile report, you’ll also receive:

* An interpretation guide, with expert advice fully explaining your report and all of the statistical data it includes to make your profile report analysis easy to understand (even if you've never learned statistics).

* A helpful workbook ("Looking Ahead") that provides activities to understand who you are, why and "so what?" It's not enough to get a list of possible careers for you, this workbook gives you the insight that many people pay thousands of dollars to a "life coach" to identify.

* A bonus Job Families Glossary introducing career families, sample jobs, titles and educational requirements to create your valuable time saving plan to your phenomenal future.

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Up to 99.5% Predictive!

You can rely on CareerChoiceGPSTM because your results are based on more than 35 years of statistical research using 20 + million assessments used by over 3,500 companies in 34 countries.