The power of statistical science helps CareerChoiceGPSTM
find your best career fit!

CareerChoiceGPS™ uses science built on more than 35 years of the ground-breaking research of Dr. John Marshall, analyzing millions of assessments from more than 2,500 companies in 34 countries. The research shows that you can statistically predict the alignment of a person's talent and effort with potential career opportunities.


CareerChoiceGPS™ measures three aspects of an individual's ways of thinking and behaving:

  • Inherent traits—characteristics that really don't change, once they are established; they are "hard-wired"
  • Learned behaviors—standard behavioral responses that have been reinforced over time; they are "baked in"
  • Attitudes and beliefs—indicators regarding how the individual was thinking and feeling around the time they took the assessment; they are "right now"

Why are these characteristics so important?

In most people, the inherent traits are fully formed and deeply ingrained by about age 16. Throughout decades of statistical research into the key elements of high performance, these particular attributes have emerged as the most reliable predictors of whether an individual has the potential talent (i.e., traits and behaviors) and is willing to expend the effort (i.e., habits of attitude and action) to achieve successful performance in a given opportunity(i.e., job and life circumstances).

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