Transitioning from a military career into a civilian role?
Use CareerChoiceGPSTM to "see" your best career choices!


As a veteran, you possess maturity, leadership ability, and discipline that are highly desired by employers. But how do you align your skills and your natural, hard-wired talents with civilian career options to find the fit that is best for you? CareerChoiceGPS™ uses big data and predictive analytics to determine—with up to 99.5% statistical probability—how well you fit a particular career category, using data from almost 20 million assessments and more than 35 years of research. This profile is free to Veterans as part of WarriorsWorking.

CareerChoiceGPS™ helps you:

  • Translate your natural strengths into prioritized potential civilian jobs
  • Identify language to use in your resume that spells out why employers will want you
  • Gain insights into what motivates you and what type of work environment you prefer
  • Spell out your learned behaviors, such as creativity and interpersonal style
  • Provide feedback on your current emotional state and how you are responding to your situation
  • Calibrate how your personal potential compares with those of high performers in over 200 jobs
  • Acknowledge your unique career strengths and talents
  • Observe those environmental issues that will impact your best career fit
  • Identify career paths with the greatest potential for success and fulfillment
  • Know what questions to ask employers to determine if their company is right for you
  • Plan educational activities you may need or want to pursue

Whether you are an Armed Forces professional faced with choosing a civilian career or a military family member seeking career guidance, CareerChoiceGPS™ can assist you in reaching your best career destination with a minimum of wrong turns and dead ends.

This assessment can be completed online in 30 minutes or less, and you receive your results immediately. This unique and robust profile package includes an interpretation guide and a workbook that you can download for more in-depth study plus modular videos to make your analysis truly understandable. CareerChoiceGPS™ is suitable for anyone age 16 or older who is committed to finding his or her best possible career fit and is free to Veterans working with WarriorsWorking. Here

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