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Help them declare the right path for their natural career choice.

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What is CareerChoiceGPS™?

CareerChoiceGPS™ is an assessment package that delivers measurable and objective perspective to new career seekers.

Everyone has unique talents and strengths; they just need a tool that reveals them and shows a list of career choices prioritized by those strengths. Our tool helps students weigh the advice of Uncle Joe, Aunt Sarah, and their parents against statistical data comparing their natural profile to those of successful professionals already working in the field.

Our assessment uses science built on more than 35 years of ground-breaking research, analyzing millions of assessments from more than 3,500 companies in 34 countries. 

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Predictive Career Assessments for a new generation of workers, leaders, and trailblazers.


Quick Stats


25 Million assessments back it.

$14 Million in grants used to purchase it.

3,500 companies trust the science behind it.

324 assessment items give it psychometric depth.

35+ years of research back it.

7 personality traits measured in it.

1 detailed personality report per user.


How does our assessment help you?


It works, helping users succeed.

Lots of assessments give information about a person’s current abilities and interests. CareerChoiceGPS™ asks the very specific questions that let you look past a person’s current state, towards their future potential and ultimate impact. It even comes with a video interpretation guide, with expert advice to help explain their report and all of the raw data it includes to make their profile easy to understand.

It’s sustainable, continuing to help beyond the life of grant programs.

CareerChoiceGPS™ keeps working for you, even after the grant monies are gone. We can work with you and your organization to maintain access and support to our testing platform and completed assessments so you can continue the work of your project with these graduates, enabling students and you to succeed for years to come.

It gives predictive results, not just descriptive analysis.

CareerChoiceGPS™ measures seven personality traits that have been statistically demonstrated to predict future success in 66 career families and hundreds of jobs. These traits are established early in life, and rarely change. Our assessment even provides you insight into variable factors, such as their self-confidence and ability to handle stress.

It’s reliable, filtering out noise to bring out a user's career potential.

CareerChoiceGPS™ features an in-depth set of 324 items to draw out key personality traits, filtering out outlier-single answers that may obscure a trend in favor of an overall view of a person that is a faithful look at their potential. 


What sets us apart?


Federal Grant Experience

We have worked with over $14 million in federal grant money, giving us an edge in helping you through the process. We have been recognized as sole source or no-bid contractor due to our database of over 25 million assessments and decades of research, which can let you bypass the bidding process associated with federal grant programs and get directly to the work of helping people succeed. Our database is safe and secure, meeting federal guidelines for protecting personal information. 

Prior Learning

Education looks different for everyone. Yes, formal classroom settings are typical, but as we all know, life experience is often the best tool to understand a subject thoroughly. Our assessment has been recognized by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) as a key first step to help evaluate the extent that these life experiences can constitute equivalent college credit in related subjects, helping takers move through education and into real life more quickly.