It works, helping users succeed.

Lots of assessments give information about a person’s current abilities and interests. CareerChoiceGPS™ gets at the very specific traits that look beyond your current situation, towards your future potential and highest probability impact. The package includes a video interpretation guide and career planning workbook with expert advice to help explain your report and all of the raw data it includes to make your profile easy to understand.

It’s sustainable, continuing to help beyond this moment in time.

CareerChoiceGPS™ keeps working for you. Since it reflects your innate strengths, developed between ages 0 and 16, and learned behaviors, some still forming, you will use this information throughout your professional career. You see this information is a part of you that plays out every day in the decisions you make and the way you work. This data illustrates the roots of what you naturally prefer and can be used to guide you to your next best job opportunity all the way to your selection of vocations after you retire.

It gives predictive results, not just descriptive analysis.

CareerChoiceGPS™ measures seven personality traits that have been statistically demonstrated to predict future success in 66 career families and hundreds of jobs. These traits are established early in life, and rarely change. Our assessment even provides you insight into variable factors, such as your current self-confidence and ability to handle stress.

It’s reliable, filtering out noise to bring out a user's career potential.

CareerChoiceGPS™ features an in-depth set of 324 items to calibrate these 7 key personality traits, filtering out outlier-single answers (most free or "inexpensive" career assessments) that may highlight a single set of strengths or interests in favor of an overall view that is a faithful look at your best professional potential.