CareerChoiceGPS™ for Students

CareerChoiceGPS™ for Students


The students package is tailored to individuals transitioning from high school to college or vocational school, and to students in college who are choosing their major or career. Our process uses a combination of objective and subjective data to provide a scientifically proven way to choose your college major and future career. Click here to learn more.

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Take control of your school, your major, and your career.

Exploring post-high school or college career options? Considering college, vocational school, or directly entering the workforce? Looking for a career that you will enjoy long-term?

A little planning and research can save you the from the stress, wasted time, and financial loss that comes with working the wrong job for you. Happier employees are more productive and get promoted faster—consider these ways to kickstart your search.


We get it.

For many students, the career journey starts in high school, often with the advice of parents and counselors. There are many great resources available, but most do not account for the participant’s unique ambitions, personality, and optimal environment. The end result: a daily struggle to get through even the most basic challenges of a new job or school.

While there are many similarities between students, plenty of differences in life experience and environment remain. The right solution should be tailored to each individual, and make finding the right career easy.

The CareerChoiceGPS™ team is dedicated to improving the process of finding the right career. We have worked with over 3,000 students to date, so we’ve seen how difficult it can be to choose the right school, major, and career path.

Choose wisely, and your work can feel natural and engaging—a happy professional path. Choose poorly, and you can feel stuck, limited, and unfulfilled. We’ve been there, and that’s why we built a custom career package just for students.


What’s included in your package:

  • Career Assessment - The science. Over 25 million data points analyzed by more than 4,500 validation studies and backed by 35+ years of research.   

  • Customized Report – Identifies 66 career families and 150+ jobs that could be a good fit for you. The report comes with tips for success and instructions on how to capitalize on your unique strengths.

  • Student’s Workbook – Helps you apply the customized report and narrow down the where, when, what, and whys that are best for you and your situation.

  • Assessment Interpretation Guide & Videos – Helps you interpret the science and results with 6 expert-led videos and 29 pages of in-depth explanations.


Be confident in your decision.

Every student questions his or her choices along the way. Questions are good! However, while other students are thinking through fundamentals like: “Did I make the right decision?” Or: “Why did I choose this major?” You will be thinking: “Where do I want to go this weekend?” “Where do I want to go next?” “How can I give back to my community?”

You will have the confidence to get the life you want because you chose the path of science early, and because you are happier, more engaged, and excelling in a profession that is right for you. Our information is backed by science and our models are continuously updated to provide you with the best information possible.


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Success starts here. Are you ready? GO!

Success starts here. Are you ready? GO!